Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our hens

Currently, we share our space with three hens. Their names are Eeniemeenie, Miniemo and Alice. E & M were named by my husband's grandma. Her name is Alice. E & M are black sexlinks. Alice is a Rhode Island Red. All three of them were born in December 2009 on a farm near wine-country ORegon. They started laying eggs in April / May 2010. We built them their current beautiful coop in September 2010 and it was featured in Portland's 2011 Tour de Coops, a tour of local chicken coops. So far, knock on wood, it has been entirely predator-proof. We dug down about a foot and lay wood beams so predators cannot easily dig under. The chicken wire is secured in two ways, and sits between 2 x 4s and lattice. The roof is nailed on so predators can't pry their way in. The henhouse is on stilts so rats can't live underneath it. We are very proud of it, and it is pretty to look at as a bonus!

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