Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tomorrow ...

The day is finally here! I got word from the shelter worker that the new hens will be arriving TOMORROW!!! The shelter worker is using our house as a meeting point so our new hens plus FIFTY more will arrive sometime around 8pm tomorrow. The other 50 will continue their journey up to a shelter in Washington state where they will be forever safe. Our two new girls will be introduced to our resident (read: spoiled rotten) hens. Hopefully the introduction goes smoothly. I will post photos of the new hens. They are factory farm survivors. They have been debeaked. Their combs probably fall over, a sign of unhappiness and sickness (think dolphin dorsal fins). I don't know what color they are or how old they are. Or what they've been subjected to. But I can't wait to give them a wonderful home where they will (soon) learn what it's like to roam a wonderful backyard. Stay tuned.

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